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Custom Backlit or edge lit LED sign – high impact LEDs – Diamond Edgelit neon LED signs

Searching for the best custom glass tube neon sign?

If you’re searching for the best custom neon glass tube signs, PTC Bmore is your stop.  We’ve produced glass neon tube and silicone/LED neon signs for over 25 years, handling some of the largest accounts in the industry, including Corona, the NFL and Budweiser. Contact our team for an idea on how we can help you navigate the changing world of lighting displays.  We produce patented hanging lights (Candols), pennant string lighting displays, Shatterproof neon lights, glass tube neon lights and even backlit and edgelit LED lights.  Additionally, we produce these in our own factory and have revolutionized 3d printing incorporation to provide some of the highest grade visuals possible.  Email us to see what we can do for you.  Submit a logo and get back a free virtual.

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Our custom neon glass tube signs are the industry leaders

  • If you are ready to see some free visuals, simply email us using the link below and submit a logo.  We’ll get you back a free virtual proof to start the process.

  • We’re capable of die cutting out shapes to match your specific needs. Most signs hang 12″ beneath the ceiling can light and can be double sided, single sided or feature neon outlines. We can die cut designs and backlight in almost any shape.

  • Most silicone and LED custom “neon” signs at 25 pieces and 14″ tall ranging in price from around $35-55 per piece, depending on the complexity and whether there is a need for sequencing, silicone outlines or other elements.

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