Best Custom LED Supplier for your business.

Looking for the perfect LED sign decor for your brand or events? We are one of the top providers of custom LEDs for large companies, from beer and liquor brands to agricultural, automotive and other large manufacturers. If you want the best options and a high quality product, look to us for the answer. We produce high quality real glass neon lights, LED lights, pub lights, our brand of Shatterproof neon and a host of other light product POP and POS.

Prices range from $200 to 400, depending on materials, size, quantity and complexity.

LED lights are built to not only be safe any room, but also low power consuming and lightweight. Our Shatterproof neons use a special silicone diffused tube to mimic glass tube neon, but powered with high output LEDs, these neon signs aren't actual neon glass tubes which make them safer and more energy efficient.

Our website only shows past projects and possibilities. Let us know what you would like to see in your custom POP LED sign project and we'll let you know how we can help. If you're uncertain about what is possible, simply send us your logos or artwork and we can help create a few options that might help your brand stand out in a crowd.

LED signs

  • LED signs can be made to light up tubes or individual bulb signs.
  • Price-effective way to display a message
  • Low energy consumption LEDs.
  • Usually in round, oval or rectangular shape
  • No fear of breakage or sharp dangerous glass. Includes hanging chain.
  • Approximately 18-24" in length or height.

Real Glass Neon Tube signs

  • Neon is filLED with gas (argon or helium usually) in glass tubes. They are "shocked" to display vibrant color.
  • Provides a classic old time look to signage.
  • Lasts a long time if cared for properly. Fragile tube however.
  • UL approved adaptors - 120V.
  • Window, shelf or wall ready.
  • Approximately 18-24" in length or height.

Shatteproof signs

  • Shatterproof Neons aren't actually neons, but a special friendly diffused silicone tube and high density LED light strips.
  • Made to mimic real neon signs, without glass tubes or breakage.
  • Low energy consumption LEDs
  • Die cut frames, light weight, easy to hang and display and with a UL approved adaptor (6' cord).
  • No fear of breakage or sharp dangerous glass. Includes hanging chain. Window, shelf or wall ready.
  • Approximately 18-24" in length or height.

PUB lights

  • Usually round and mountable to beams in your wall. Included hanging hardware.
  • Easy to turn on or off - four color process on 1 or 2 sides, backlit by LED or similar.
  • Most bars use these at 15-20" diameter.
  • UL approved adaptor.

We are one of the leaders in producing retail LED signs, working with professional sports teams like football and baseball to sell hundreds of thousands of custom LED signs. In discussions with consumers and customers, we launched Shatterproof Neon signs to address the requests for not only less fragile signs, but also signs which consumed less energy and still put out a real neon glow. However, we also produce LED, countdown clocks, pub lights and other lighting POP and POS displays.